All members of the Star Patrol are required to use a minimum of one costume slot for an official Star Patrol uniform. While it is not required members always wear this uniform, it is encouraged they do so while “on duty” or when teaming with others members of the Star Patrol.

The Star Patrol has two official uniforms. The first is the primary uniform consisting of same red and white typically used by Longbow and other agents of Freedom Corps. The specific colors are white, and the shade of red found in the 5th column of the 2nd row of the costume color chart. It is required these colors be used for the chest, bottoms/pants, chest detail, cape and mask. It is recommended but not required these colors be used for all other costume parts.

The official uniform uses tight/tights with Pattern 1 for the upper body, and tight/tights with the Starshot pattern for the lower body. While tights are standard and recommended, any upper or lower body option may be used provided Pattern 1 and Starshot are available and used. All uniforms use the chest detail symbols/Star 4, which must be worn under any jacket or shirt.

Additional costume pieces (gloves, boots, belt, shoulders, helmets, etc.) are completely up the the individual member, though it is common for such pieces to match in color and style. It is recommended but not required that all uniforms use Standard or Full Masks for the Head options, with either the Demise or Destruction face detail. Other head details are up to the individual member. Jackets, trench coats, shirts, etc. as well as back details and auras may be incorporated into the uniform provided they do not completely cover or conceal the chest and legs. A skirt may use the Starshot pattern on the skirt, or on tights worn underneath. No part of the Star Patrol uniform may incorporate a skull (though other bone or bone-like items may be used).

The Star Patrol uses an alternate uniform, commonly referred to as the “Special Forces” uniform, which is worn by members who commonly undertake covert and clandestine missions, often within the Rogue Isles. This uniform follows the same guideline for the standard uniform as stated above, though uses black instead of white, and a darker shade of red (the 4th column of the 2nd row in the costume color chart).