Updates Archive


Navigation Update

Many of the pages have been updated with dynamic navigation menus, with particular attention given to the various member lists. These should allow a smoother, more intuitive navigation of the website.

As a general reminder, many of the member pages have no content other than a character’s name, archetype and powersets. Please a description of your character(s) to have them included in the member lists. The member lists include members of Star Patrol and their affiliated super groups (including villain groups).


Introducing the new NCsoft Launcher

NCsoft/City of Heroes is introducing a new way to download and patch City of Heroes, through the NCsoft Launcher! For a limited time, all customers who use the NCsoft launcher will unlock the new Wisp Aura for free!

The NCsoft Launcher provides several new enhancements, including the ability to download patches faster through a content distribution network.

NCsoft/City of Heroes will be discontinuing support for the current City of Heroes updater soon so bear in mind that when that happens, customers who have not upgraded to the NCsoft Launcher will be unable to log into the game using the City of Heroes updater!

For more information on the NCsoft Launcher: http://bit.ly/fkfEhS


A Few Cosmetic Changes

I’ve updated Star-Patrol.net in a few, tiny ways in an attempt to improve overall appearance and user enjoyment of the website. In the admin section (which you only see upon logging in or when editing your profile info) you will see “Hello, [display name]” instead of “Howdy, [display name]”. I may have been born a cowboy, but I’ve been thoroughly urbanized so “hello” it is. In the header of public site I’ve included “Welcome, [display name]” next to the rss feed icon in the upper right of the page, which will only display for logged in users. Currently it displays nothing if not logged in, so in the future I may include a “Login” link.

In the forum, I’ve replaced the default “new posts” and “no new post” icons with icons displaying the Star Patrol logo.


Website is Live

The new and improved website is now live. Everything is pretty much fulling functional, but if you see something acting oddly, please comment below.

Everyone’s login info (that I have) is being emailed out now, feel free to change your passwords after your first login. Also, don’t forget to set up a Gravatar using your email address to display a unique avatar on the forums. If you would like a proxy email to associate with your Gravatar, I can easily create a [you]@star-patrol.net which forwards email to your actual email. I just need to know this before I create your login.


Star-Patrol.net Has A New Look!

The Star Patrol website has received a new makeover, which includes the addition of new features, an improved, fully integrated, forum, an a number of little enhancements which should make your experience exploring the site enjoyable.

New or improved features include

  • A “Current Events” header which highlights events and announcements of special importance.
  • Character Spotlights, which will feature specific characters one at a time, detailing their personal achievements and contributions to the group.
  • A forum which is fully integrated into the website, which means only a single login is necessary for the entire website.
  • An advanced menu for ease of navigation throughout the site.
  • A slideshow in the sidebar to display images of Star Patrol members.

At this time the website is still undergoing some changes while new features are added or fine-tuned. Thank you for your patience and your interest in Star Patrol.