March 22nd to March 28th – Tin Mage TF

The Weekly Strike Target for the week of March 22nd is The Praetorian Offensive from Tin Mage Mark II in the Rikti War Zone.

The Tin Mage Task Force is a co-operative Task Force that allows heroes and villains to team together. It requires a minimum of 8 level 50 characters and rewards 40 merits and 2 incarnate shards upon completion.

Unlike the other Task Forces and Strike Forces, the Tin Mage Task Force requires heroes and villains to have completed Mender Ramiel’s story arc to unlock their Alpha Slot in order to participate. This in turn requires the Going Rogue expansion. Both the Task Force as well as Mender Ramiel requires the player to be level 50.

Enemies are significantly harder as well. All enemies will be level 54, and if the Alpha Slot on a player is unslotted, the player will be at a -4 level debuff, effectively making them level 46 during the course of the Tin Mage Mark II Task Force.