March 29th to April 4th – Manticore TF / Operative Renault SF

The Weekly Strike Targets for the week of March 29th are “Following Countess Crey” (from Manticore in Brickstown) and “The Temple of the Waters” (from Operative Renault in Sharkhead Isle).

The Manticore Task Force is the fifth of six Freedom Phalanx Task Forces, and the completion of all six grants the Task Force Commander Badge. This task force is designated as a Signature Task Force. As such, missions will always spawn mobs at level 35 or higher, regardless of team members’ levels. The Manticore Task Force requires a minimum of 7 characters level 30 or higher and rewards 32 merits upon completion.

The Operative Renault Strike Force is the third of five main Strike Forces on City of Villains. Operative Renault is located in the Port Recluse neighborhood of Sharkhead Isle, to the west of the Technology and Science stores. The Operative Renault Strike Force requires a minimum of 4 characters level 25 or higher and rewards 24 merits upon completion.