Group Event Archive


Admiral Sutter Task Force

Star Patrol will undertake the Admiral Sutter Task Force on Monday, July 11th. The Admiral Sutter TF is a new TF added with Issue 20 and is intended to tie-in character under level 50 to the Incarnate System. This week it is also the Weekly Strike Target, and thus it awards a bonus 22 Reward Merits (for a total of 44). Any level 50 character who has unlocked the Incarnate System will also earn a Notice of the Well. The Admiral Sutter Task Force requires a minimum of 4 Heroes or Vigilantes level 20 or higher; any participant over level 40 will be exemplared to level 40 for the duration of the task force.


Monday Night Suggestion Box

Monday is Independence Day, and it is to be expected some of our regular members may have other plans than to fight/commit crime. For anyone who’d still like to get together in game and beat people up, I’d like to open up a suggestion box of sorts so we can have a plan of action when everyone legs on. Feel free to post your ideas to the forum ( and we’ll see you Monday night!


Statesman’s Task Force, Monday Feb 7

It’s Star Patrol Monday again and this week we have a Statesman’s Task Force scheduled to start between 7-8pm Pacific (8-9pm Mountain). Statesman’s Task Force is the premier Task Force in City of Heroes. The Archvillains spawn at fixed levels (52 to 54 depending on foe) regardless of team composition. The concluding battle against Lord Recluse and the 4 Patrons is one of the most difficult in the game.

This task force is also designated as a Signature Task Force. As such, missions will always spawn mobs at level 50 or higher, regardless of team members’ levels, with the exception of some enemies.

Monday is the last day the Statesman’s Task Force is the Weekly Strike Target.


Lord Recluse Strike Force 2/6 9pm!

A LRSF (this week’s Weekly Strike Target) is schedule for Feb 6 at 9pm Pacific (10pm Mountain). If you haven’t receive a Notice of the Well on your incarnate yet, here’s your chance. Already got one this week? Come out for the extra shard drops!


Star Patrol Mondays!

Monday night is Star Patrol night! Starting at 7 PM Pacific (8pm Mountain) members of Star Patrol and its coalition groups gather for general missions, badge hunting or to complete a task force or trial. If you would like to propose a specific event for Mondays, feel free to post it to the forums.