Fox Girl

Fox Girl is a Claws/Willpower Brute from Praetoria. Fox Girl is a rare species of humanoid from the wilds of Praetorian Earth. She was discovered by members of the Resistance who adopted her as one of their own. Passing herself off as a mutant, she infiltrated Powers Division to assist the Resistance from the within the system. While there, she discovered Emperor Cole’s plans for an invasion to Primal Earth. On behalf of the Resistance, she left Praetoria to attempt to convince the people of Primal Earth not all the people of her world are evil.

Fox Girl currently serves as a probationary hero under the supervision of Star Patrol. So far her dedication to fighting crime and evil and her loyalty to her friends has been without question, though her ferocity in combat is sometimes disturbing to those who have fought against Praetorians.