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The Animal Pack is now available!

The City of Heroes Animal Pack is now available for sale from the NCsoft store!

This new Booster Pack will allow you to craft brand new characters inspired by the grace of a giant cat, the power of a savage wolf, or the fury of a falcon.

Features include:

• Over 60 new costume parts and patterns.
• Wolf, Feline, Avian, Minotaur head and monstrous legs.
• Two new tails – Minotaur and Ragged Wolf.
• Two animal-inspired auras, Bestial Rage and Fleas.
• The Beast Run travel power.

See for yourself and watch the Animal Pack trailer now!


Animal Pack on sale Feb 23

While I haven’t seen an official announcement on the site or forums, I just caught this from Massively…

I’m expecting an official announcement sometime today.