Agent Bowman

Eli Bowman joined Freedom Corps shortly after the first Rikti Invasion. He worked as a hero liaison for a time, then as a trainer in King?s Row. It was then his talent for unarmed combat (and archery skill) were first noticed by his superiors and he was offered a position in Longbow.

Surprisingly, Eli turned down the offer. He expressed a preference to work as one of the heroes of Paragon City, as part of a small unit of sanctioned heroes. He outlined and proposed a plan for a special unit of Freedom Corps which would be composed of heroes with talents and skills not commonly found among the Longbow soldiers. This unit would operate along side other super heroes rather than Freedom Corps agents, with a special emphasis on coordination and cooperation.

After careful consideration, and with the help of four like-minded members of Freedom Corps, Agent Bowman founded Star Patrol.

Resent Updates & Player Notes

As the founder of Star Patrol, Agent Bowman is a highly recognized character to every member of Star Patrol, even if by name only. Unfortunately he rarely sees any playtime and few members outside the other Star Patrol leaders have met him. In an effort to rectify this, the in-game version of Agent Bowman has undergone a number of drastic changes in the past few months.

When originally rolled back when Star Patrol was founded, Agent Bowman was a Trick Arrow/Archery Defender. I quickly discovered the play style associated with this build was not what I was looking for, and so I switched to a Archery/Devices Blaster. Unfortunately, after nearly a year and a half of playing Bowman with this build, I grew more and more frustrated with it. It’s not that the build was ineffective, it just wasn’t fun to play. As improvements to the Blaster archetype were released, I kept going back to him but never for very long. For blasters I simply preferred Energy, or Electric or Fire or basically anything without a weapon. I eventually brought Agent Bowman to level 50 through an exploit, just so he’d be at the endgame with several other members of Star Patrol. And there he sat, mostly unplayed over the next several years.

Over that time I learned more about other archetypes and playstyles and discovered there were two playstyles which I very much enjoyed. One was the healer/buffer. In came as no surprise my first characters I achieved level 50 with (sans exploits) were tankers and defenders. So I revisited Agent Bowman with an aim to bring him back into play, but in a way I’d enjoy playing him. Unfortunately TA/A Defender was still not my cup of tea. I want to buff and heal, but couldn’t wrap my head around anything which would really seem “Bowman-like”. So I turned to the Tanker archetype. After considerable experimentation, rerolling, renaming and server transfers, I ressurected an older tank who had already reached level 50, and brought Bowman back right where he left off, only as a specialist in unarmed combat rather than as an archer.

I’m looking forward to having his name frequently appear in the Star Patrol chat channel and to playing him on Monday nights.