“Getting the job done.”

These four words, though simple, represent the core ideal that inspired a man to strive for something great. Being a hero wasn’t about politics, or publicity – it was about getting the job done. One day, that job might mean stopping a bank robbery; another day, rescuing a hapless civilian who’d gotten mixed up in the wrong situation. One mission might be a cakewalk; the next, a suicide run. But no matter what the mission, no matter what the circumstances, in Paragon City, it was up to heroes like Eli Bowman to “get the job done.”

For Bowman, finding a group that shared his ideals proved a difficult task. Even the Freedom Corps was occasionally caught by the need to follow politics or to handle things with a more diplomatic touch than he felt himself capable of. And, as prestigious as the Corps was… sometimes he wondered if they’d forgotten about the smaller problems that plagued the city.

It was the concept of Longbow that provided him with the notion that he create a new division under the banner of Freedom Corps. One that would tackle any task, face any risk, get any job done. So the seed of an idea was born in Bowman’s mind… to search for others who shared his vision of what heroes could do, and of what heroes SHOULD do.

With that idea in mind, he began his search among the heroes and would-be heroes of Paragon City. He wasn’t looking for a particular talent or skill or power. He wasn’t looking for heroes from a given background or even a given race. He wanted heroes who could get the job done.

One by one, he found them.

His first recruit was fellow Freedom Corps agent and field sharpshooter Joelle Wright. A strong-willed woman from a military background, her technical talents and skills in leadership and organization were exactly what he knew he’d need for his fledgling group.

Immediately thereafter, he met the energy-slinging Ray Sharpe, also a Freedom Corps agent. Imbued with magic and a wry sense of humor, Sharpe had a gift for inspiring others to greater things (and by his own admission, sometimes crazier things as well).

Next up was his encounter with the mutant John McTavish. With control over the force of gravity, McTavish quickly proved to work well with the others, immobilizing their foes into swift submission.

Bowman met the youthful psionic vigilante Andrea Blake one night at Chiron Medical Center. Although not physically strong, her abilities to tap into the brightest and darkest parts of the human mind, and her unflagging optimism and good cheer, were of near-vital importance to the nascent supergroup.

The five of them came together, united under Bowman’s leadership. Each of them knew the others’ strengths and weaknesses. Each of them understood the risks they would be undertaking in the name of heroism and Paragon City. And each of them vowed that together, they would indeed get the job done.

That night, the registry of Paragon City’s supergroups gained a new registration, and the Freedom Corps recognized its newest division.

The Star Patrol was born.

But although the Patrol’s fortunes were on the rise, disaster would soon strike… and from the last place that the group had expected.

Although details of the incident have been deemed as Classified/Top Secret by the Freedom Corps and Longbow, certain rumors are still whispered among the heroes of the city about how the Star Patrol had been forced to expel one of its members, and then forcibly hand him over to the authorities for justice. Following an incident with a local street gang, it was rumored that John McTavish had been charged with aggravated assault and battery, with the charges later upped to voluntary manslaughter. It took the efforts of Bowman, Sharpe, Wright, and Blake to subdue McTavish, and to this day, only the four senior members know the full details, and they do not speak about the matter unless it is absolutely necessary.

Even more disturbing, however, are the rumors that McTavish has neither forgotten nor forgiven the Star Patrol for its actions… that a particular villain group has the Star Patrol in its sights… led by the renegade agent who escaped from prison not long after his incarceration.

As time passed, the four remaining founders actively sought out others like themselves; others who wanted to devote themselves to the ideal of “getting the job done.”

Bowman himself continued to search for other heroes to join the ranks, and recruited fellow archer (and Tsoo renegade) Mayumi Takimura. He then went on to make contact with the mystical world and recruited the team’s first fae member, Drostan.

Wright quickly contacted one of her fellow technical experts, the theoretical physicist and Vanguard field engineer Dr. Sorina Tavarisch. Wright also was responsible for the rescue (and subsequent recruitment) of the magically talented Trellaria.

Tavarisch then in turn was instrumental in recruiting the blade-wielding warrior known as Mr’shaan, and the team’s second fae member, Blitzium.

Through John McTavish’s previous connections with GIFT, Sharpe met and then recruited Dr. Caroline Smith, a local expert in mutation science.

Blake went on to recruit one of Paragon City’s more noted heroes, the power armor-clad Leading Lady, as well as up-and-coming martial artist and street vigilante Terry Kolton.

Leading Lady quickly contacted one of her fellow heroes, Doc Black, who also accepted the invitation to join the Star Patrol.

Following the removal of McTavish from the Star Patrol, his spot as one of the ‘leading five’ has not been filled. However, Bowman has acknowledged that in terms of rank, Sorina Tavarisch is now considered fifth in command of the Star Patrol, although she has not been extended the rank of Leader (the rank held by the founding members).

As part of their responsibilities, the five highest-ranked members (the four founders and Tavarisch) also handle liaising with other agencies. Bowman is the Patrol’s liaison to Freedom Corps and ELITE; Sharpe, the liaison to MAGI (with Trellaria as his delegate if needed) and GIFT (since McTavish’s dismissal); Wright, the liaison to DATA and to Longbow (although Tavarisch sometimes acts as liaison to DATA in Wright’s absence); Blake, the liaison to SERAPH (as well as the medical community, along with Caroline Smith); and Tavarisch, the liaison to the Vanguard (as well as the academic/research community). Through their efforts, they make sure that the Patrol is aware of other agencies’ activities in Paragon City (and their operations within the Rogue Isles), and the other agencies in turn share their information with the Star Patrol.

In the autumn of 2012, Star Patrol was officially disbanded. Many of its heroes retired, though several moved onto other projects. Only Agent North remained, keeping the group active unofficially in hopes it may one day reform. The chance to do just this happened in the summer of 2019 when a resurgence in criminal activity occurred through Paragon City. Though the Star Patrols roster is nowhere near as filled out as it was previously, many heroes, new and old, have once again donned the distinctive red and white uniform to let the citizens of Paragon City know the Star Patrol is once again there…

… as always, getting the job done.