Nobody’s Side

Nobody’s Side is not so much a super group, but a lose collective of super powered individuals who count each other as allies in some form or another, but not as an organized group. Nobody’s Side is neutral in regards to alignment, though many of its members are decided heroes or villains. What they have in common is a sense of individuality and an unwillingness to yield to any authority other than their own or what they feel is right. Many are mercenaries or “heroes for hire.”

The founder of Nobody’s Side is Ash Raven, a former member of Star Patrol. Although he founded the group he does not consider himself the leader. The point of the group is that no one has absolute authority over another. Just as everyone is free to stay, everyone is also free to go. The current “leader” of the group if Romeo Charlie, a former Hero Corps agent turned freelancer.

Nobody’s Side maintains a super group base stationed in a remote location within the Storm Palace of the Shadow Shard. The location was once a refuge for survivors of the destruction of the alternate dimension’s Earth, and though most of these refugees have since migrated to Primal Earth, a few have stayed behind and provide solace for wayward heroes and villains. The entry code for Nobody’s Side is Raven-5749.