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Monday Night Suggestion Box

Monday is Independence Day, and it is to be expected some of our regular members may have other plans than to fight/commit crime. For anyone who’d still like to get together in game and beat people up, I’d like to open up a suggestion box of sorts so we can have a plan of action when everyone legs on. Feel free to post your ideas to the forum (http://star-patrol.net/forum/?vasthtmlaction=viewtopic&t=23.0) and we’ll see you Monday night!


A Few Cosmetic Changes

I’ve updated Star-Patrol.net in a few, tiny ways in an attempt to improve overall appearance and user enjoyment of the website. In the admin section (which you only see upon logging in or when editing your profile info) you will see “Hello, [display name]” instead of “Howdy, [display name]”. I may have been born a cowboy, but I’ve been thoroughly urbanized so “hello” it is. In the header of public site I’ve included “Welcome, [display name]” next to the rss feed icon in the upper right of the page, which will only display for logged in users. Currently it displays nothing if not logged in, so in the future I may include a “Login” link.

In the forum, I’ve replaced the default “new posts” and “no new post” icons with icons displaying the Star Patrol logo.


A New Video In The Works

@Samuraiko is currently producing a new video featuring the members of Star Patrol. I can’t give out any details at this time, but it promises to be made of awesome.

If haven’t seen any of @Samuraiko’s work, you’ve been missing out. Check out her YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/samuraiko as well as her most recent video, City of Heroes – A Heart Divided.


Animal Pack on sale Feb 23

While I haven’t seen an official announcement on the cityofheroes.com site or forums, I just caught this from Massively…


I’m expecting an official announcement sometime today.


Post Subscriptions Are Active

I’ve added the post subscription service to Star Patrol, allowing users to subscribe to new posts. Existing users should be automatically subscribed to all posts (in which case, you’ll have received notification of this post by email). If not, you will need to update your subscription options if you’d like to receive updates by email.