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Eli Bowman is the founder and leader of Star Patrol. Although he is a skilled archer, tactician and strategist, he spends most of his time working as an administrator, and functions as the primary liaison between Star Patrol and Freedom Corps.

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Halloween Event!

The Halloween Event is a suite of gaming tasks and visuals that are reminiscent of the Halloween holiday season. This includes Trick or Treating, costumes, monsters, ghosts, witches, and horror movie cliches such as a Zombie Apocalypse and mad scientist’s monster.

Dr. Kane’s House of Horror

The eccentric scientist Dr. Kane turned his home into a haunted house and has invited all of Paragon City to come and visit. Things are not as they seem in Dr. Kane’s House of Horror, though. Visitors enter the mansion never to be heard from again!

Dr. Kane’s mansion is a zombie-filled nightmare, and while exploring it, you learn of the doctor’s nefarious plot to transform the innocent people of Paragon City into a slavering horde of zombies. As you investigate the halls and rooms of the haunted mansion, you face off against Dr. Kane’s freakish creations, including his greatest handiwork, the giant Abomination.

Dr. Kane’s House of Horrors is a co-op event for four characters of level 15-50. Access this new event through the Team-Up Teleporter (only).

Whispered Rumor Tip Mission

When a character goes Trick or Treating in a Temporary Costume, there is a chance of a Halloween Tip Mission dropping from a ‘Treat’. This Halloween Event Tip will drop even if you already have 3 Alignment Mission Tips. You need to be Level 20+ and not in Praetoria to get this Tip. The Tip is entitled Whispered Rumor and has a jack-o’-lantern picture on it. The Halloween Tip Mission grants some minor rewards plus one of five badges.

Deadly Apocalypse

The Deadly Apocalypse is a type of zone invasion introduced in the Halloween Event of 2009. Haunting Banners representing iconic horrors appear in a zone and are protected by foes that embody that banner’s horror. Players must attack the defenders and then the Banners and then finally a Giant Monster. Rewards include badges and a selection of temporary powers.

Eternal Night

During the event, the entire game is locked in nighttime mode. This is not just a visual effect. All aspects of the game that depend on a day/night cycle are locked to the night side during the event. Enemies that only spawn at night spawn continuously during the event. Banisher, The Slayer, and Haunted badges (Hero side) and Pirate and Spectral badges (Villain side) are examples of badges for which hunting will be much easier during the event.

Note that some zones, such as Cimerora, The Hive and The Abyss are unaffected by Eternal Night.

Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse is a zone event that uses the Rikti World Invasion engine; random zones throughout the game come under attack by zombies for periods of time as the sky turns red. A new enemy group, Zombies, appear during this event. There are badges for Zombie defeats and an unlockable costume piece, the Pumpkin Head.
Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

During this event, players are be able to ‘Trick or Treat’ by knocking (that is, ‘clicking’) on mission doors in the various zones. Treats are rewards which include Temporary Powers (a throwable Rock and Costume Powers), Tier 1 inspirations, and Halloween Event Salvage (from defeating the spawned ‘Tricks’) which can be traded in for an extra costume slot. Tricks include spawns of special event enemies for which there are defeat badges.

Giant Monsters

The Giant Monsters from Croatoa, Eochai and Jack in Irons, spawn in most zones (including the City of Villains zones) along with the Unseelie spirits. There are Halloween-specific badges for their defeat (which are different than the badges for the defeat of the regular Croatoan Eochai and Jack Giant Monsters).


New Star Patrol Base

With the reforming of Star Patrol, we have also created a new base!

Commander Bowman in the “Ready Room”

There was no hope at all of recreating the original base because we have no screenshots or (to my knowledge) demorecording to reference. Instead we’ve taken advantage of all the new features, items and customizability to build an entirely new base!

Garage and hangar with several ground & air vehicles and even a submarine! Parked just outside is the team jet.

At the time of this update, the base is “fully functional”, meaning it contains medical transporters, zone teleporters, an Ouroboros crystal, crafting stations and storage of salvage, inspirations and enhancements. In addition, we also have a number of other ammenities to facilitate role-play, screenshots, demorecordings, downtime or anything else you can think of using a base for.

The base Entrance is centrally located to allow immediate access to Crafting, Storage and Teleporters. Adjacent to the Med Bay, it also provides recovering agents swift access back into the field.
The Medical Bay includes ER stalls, an OR and a Triage station to get heroes back into the field as soon as possible. From here it’s a straight jaunt to the Base Entrance or Teleport Room.
Located next to the Entrance for quick access, the Teleport Room provides immediate access to nearly every zone. The Mission Computer and Pillar of Ice and Flame are also here.
Invention Salvage Storage is arranged and labeled by rarity allowing for quick access to what you need when missing that final piece to complete a recipe. Invention Stations can be found here as well as downstairs in the Science Lab.
Intended for both research and leisure, the Library is available in the second floor of the Ready Room.
The Ready Room is both a conference room and mission prep area.
The Science Lab offers Enhancement and Inspiration Storage, Crafting Stations and full suite of equipment for scientific and technological testing and development.
The Star Patrol could not function without its administrative team and cadre of public relations agents, investigators and social media experts.

Commander Bowman

Natural Blaster
Archery/Tactical Arrow
@Rose Claymore

Eli Bowman joined Freedom Corps shortly after the first Rikti Invasion. He worked as a hero liaison for a time, then as a trainer in King?s Row. It was then his talent for unarmed combat (and archery skill) were first noticed by his superiors and he was offered a position in Longbow.

Surprisingly, Eli turned down the offer. He expressed a preference to work as one of the heroes of Paragon City, as part of a small unit of sanctioned heroes. He outlined and proposed a plan for a special unit of Freedom Corps which would be composed of heroes with talents and skills not commonly found among the Longbow soldiers. This unit would operate along side other super heroes rather than Freedom Corps agents, with a special emphasis on coordination and cooperation.

After careful consideration, and with the help of four like-minded members of Freedom Corps, Agent Bowman founded The Star Patrol.



Mutation Blaster
Psychic Blast/Martial Combat
@Rose Claymore

Terrilyn Brant was born with latent psychic power that came with an odd side effect – the inability to distinguish between pleasure and pain. In most cases, either manifested as something pleasurable though she would quickly become numb to any sensation, and anything prolonged would grow uncomfortable over time. As a result, she developed a sense of impulsiveness, quickly moving from one thrill to another.

Though she still struggles with cravings for the next life affirming thrill, her training in The Star Patrol has helped her focus and she rarely abandons a task she had dedicated herself to as long as she can complete the task before growing too bored.


Agent North

Mutation Tanker
Ice Armor/Ice Melee
@Rose Claymore

Winifred North grew up in the Bronze Way neighborhood of Steel Canyon, a place caught in the grip between the Outcasts and the Trolls. After Win’s mutant powers manifested, she was almost recruited by the Outcasts, but managed to be talked out of it by Lt. David Wincott, a local beat cop.

Unfortunately Lt. Wincott got caught up in the war between the rival gangs, and ended up with his son kidnapped by the Trolls. Win tried to help out, but Wincott wouldn’t have it, not unless Win joined the PPD, Freedom Corps, or otherwise received some proper training.

Not willing to let her friend go without superpowered help, Winifred joined the Star Patrol, a special division of Freedom Corps. There she received the training she needed and before long she was taking on the trolls in the tunnels of the Hollows and bringing Wincott’s son back to his father.

Since the Star Patrol officially disbanded in 2012, Agent North has been keeping the lights on in hopes the group reunites.