Agent North

Mutation Tanker
Ice Armor/Ice Melee
@Rose Claymore

Winifred North grew up in the Bronze Way neighborhood of Steel Canyon, a place caught in the grip between the Outcasts and the Trolls. After Win’s mutant powers manifested, she was almost recruited by the Outcasts, but managed to be talked out of it by Lt. David Wincott, a local beat cop.

Unfortunately Lt. Wincott got caught up in the war between the rival gangs, and ended up with his son kidnapped by the Trolls. Win tried to help out, but Wincott wouldn’t have it, not unless Win joined the PPD, Freedom Corps, or otherwise received some proper training.

Not willing to let her friend go without superpowered help, Winifred joined the Star Patrol, a special division of Freedom Corps. There she received the training she needed and before long she was taking on the trolls in the tunnels of the Hollows and bringing Wincott’s son back to his father.

Since the Star Patrol officially disbanded in 2012, Agent North has been keeping the lights on in hopes the group reunites.

About Commander Bowman

Eli Bowman is the founder and leader of Star Patrol. Although he is a skilled archer, tactician and strategist, he spends most of his time working as an administrator, and functions as the primary liaison between Star Patrol and Freedom Corps.