Announcing City of Heroes Freedom

So, um… yeah. It’s happening.

I’ve already stopped trying to follow the official discussion thread on the coh forums. The 1st couple dozen pages can be summed up as “DOOOOOOM (maybe)”.

I’m not sure what to think. F2P is how I’ve always though EVERY mmo should function (well, specifically the F2P/VIP hybrid). I think I like where CoH:Freedom is going, but I’m not sure if it will be worth my time to continue playing.

Since Paragon Studios took over, the game engine has become unplayable on every computer in my house except the one’s purchased or upgraded in the past year, and even they have trouble when on the new-style maps, and can easily crash if on those maps when a team. I know I’m not alone in this, knowing some of the troubles others in Star Patrol have had. Paragon Studios will need to completely rework the game so that it’s minimum requirements apply everywhere in the game instead of just some places when solo. If not, this alone will cause me to drop my subscription completely and only play on our SG days, if at all.

Everything else looks awesome though. I’m looking forward to the new and revamped content, especially a new tutorial and new Time Manipulation set. Looks like I’ll be rerolling Mender Chronos.

What does everyone else think of all this? At the moment, the Star Patrol community is the only think keeping my interest in CoH, so I’d like to know what our expectations are and if we to make any chances to how we do things to accommodate the new subscription options.

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