April 12th to April 18th – Sister Psyche TF / Silver Mantis SF

The Weekly Strike Targets for the week of April 12th are “Clamor and Destruction” (from Sister Psyche) and “Pirates of the Skies” (from Silver Mantis).

The Sister Psyche Task Force is the third of six Freedom Phalanx Task Forces, and the completion of all six grants the Task Force Commander Badge. It requires a team of at least five heroes level 20 or higher and rewards 50 merits and the Sister Psyche’s comrade badge. This task force is designated as a Signature Task Force. As such, missions will always spawn mobs at level 25 or higher, regardless of team members’ levels.

The Silver Mantis Strike Force is the second of five main Strike Forces on City of Villains. The team leader may begin her Strike Force by speaking to her in Sharkhead Isle as well as through the Mission Computer or Oracle in their Supergroup Base. It requires a team of at least four villains level 20 or higher and rewards 42 merits and the Air Pirate badge.

About Commander Bowman

Eli Bowman is the founder and leader of Star Patrol. Although he is a skilled archer, tactician and strategist, he spends most of his time working as an administrator, and functions as the primary liaison between Star Patrol and Freedom Corps.