Feb. 15th to Feb. 21st – The Lady Grey Task Force

The Strike Target this week is The Lady Grey Task Force. The Lady Grey Task Force is a co-operative Task Force that allows heroes and villains to team together. It involves rescuing Penelope Yin, defeating a bunch of Rikti, fighting a mini Hamidon Raid, defeating a bunch more Rikti, and defeating the most powerful warrior the Rikti have at their disposal. And when you are all done, the Rikti will invade a random zone.

The Lady Grey Task Force requires a full team of 8 characters level 45+. As a WST, it will reward a bonus 37 reward merits upon completion, and give level 50 characters with the Alpha Slot unlocked the choice of 37 more merits or a Hero 1 DNA Sample. If this is the first time the incarnate character has completed the TF this week a Notice of the Well will also be awarded.

About Commander Bowman

Eli Bowman is the founder and leader of Star Patrol. Although he is a skilled archer, tactician and strategist, he spends most of his time working as an administrator, and functions as the primary liaison between Star Patrol and Freedom Corps.