Feb. 8th to Feb. 14th – Return of he Reichsman/Thus Spoke the Reichsman

The Strike Targets of the Week for February 8th to February 14th are Return of he Reichsman (from Dr. Kahn in Founders’ Falls) / Thus Spoke the Reichsman (from Barracuda in Grandville). Bonus merits will award upon the 1st completion of either during the week, and characters who have unlocked their Alpha Slot may receive a Notice of the Well. Both Dr. Kahn’s TF and Barracuda’s SF are for characters level 45-50 and award 30 merits.

About Commander Bowman

Eli Bowman is the founder and leader of Star Patrol. Although he is a skilled archer, tactician and strategist, he spends most of his time working as an administrator, and functions as the primary liaison between Star Patrol and Freedom Corps.